Friday, March 18, 2011

possible themes?

How does everyone feel about "your favorite cartoonnetwork show" as a theme? Old or new. Or were some of you more Nickelodeon/Disney kids?

Maybe we could do "favorite Disney movie as a kid."

Or "illustration of one of your favorite 'live action' movies!" (meaning no cartoons)

What do ya'll think?


Kay so, since we're cycling (like the women we are *ba dum pish*) It's Jessica's turn to pick a theme! Maria can go last since she's so fond of submitting her drawings last. hahahaha


  1. Those all sound great. I could go for any of those. :)

  2. I'm down for any and all of those. Maybe we can take turns each week of who will decide the next theme! I was def a nickelodeon and cartoonnetwork kid, not so much disney...except for goof troop.

  3. I agree with that. We'll have a cycle. Savanna picked the first, I picked the second. Jess or Maria can pick next!

  4. Cartoon Network is my favvvvv.
    Though, I like the 'live action' theme idea also.