Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How do you get back to the past Samurai Jack

So this week I think we all fail. F's all around you guys! Accept Jess, she gets credit. Do you guys think we should just extend this one till the end of the week or squeeze a new topic in? I think I could do another this week fo sho.


At first, this topic was really hard. I really couldn't figure out which one stood out most in my mind. And then, I remembered Samurai Jack. FAVORITE! Oh my gosh, I flipped the first time I saw this show. The artistry, the execution, it's just so different. I'm sad it didn't last so long. I lurrv it.



  1. Very cool. The fire and framing is awesome.

  2. good choice!! wow, yea totally forgot about it. and awesome pic too

  3. this totally captured the feeling of the show perfectly! I like your character design of him better then the original!